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Shane Miller

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Shane Miller

From my studio in Port Townsend, I create jewelry using a photo-etching technique. For the last 12 years I have been a sculptor and printmaker.

Jewelry, for me, is the offspring of these two art forms. Each piece feels like a small sculpture and the etched surface is a direct product of printmaking. I am also drawn to words and narrative and a good story.

While choosing imagery for a piece of jewelry, I have the privilege of beginning a story that the wearer gets to finish. My jewelry might not be considered precious due to a lack of gems and gold but when a favorite piece is found at the back of the sock drawer three years lost, my hope is that the finder will feel as though they have discovered a treasure.

The technique:

A light sensitive plate of silver or copper is exposed to ultraviolet light passing through a transparency. Where the light passes through and exposes the plate, the emulsion hardens and where the light is blocked the emulsion remains soft.

The plate is developed in a soda ash solution which removes the unexposed emulsion. The emulsion that remains on the plate becomes the resist when it is placed in acid thus creating the etched image.