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Heartwood Carving

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Joe Valasek of Heartwood Carving

Heartwood Carving designs and creates quality ornamental carvings and architectural details of lasting beauty and value. Architectural carvings shape a home’s interior landscape and to that end we offer a unique line of carved components and ready-to-assemble trim kits for creating decorative casework, mantels, cabinetry accents and furniture, and detailing architectural features like staircases, built-ins, and columns.

Heartwood Carving products are manufactured in Eugene, Oregon, using advanced automated carving methods and the highest grade hardwoods. We can accommodate small and large custom projects from architectural accents on mantels and cabinetry. Our goal with any project is to bring a sense of style and added distinction to your home or commercial building with the finest architectural carvings.

Joe Valasek is a lifelong classical artist and sculptor whose preferred material has always been wood. After working as a ‘purist’ carver with only hand carving tools for several years, he decided to try using an electric router equipped with a bit he’d shaped himself. When he saw the result, he immediately knew that modern technology would have a place in his tool chest from then on. The tools have been developing over the years and now include 3-axis computer-controlled CNC machines, some with a bed of 14 x 8 feet and advanced imaging software from England.

Joe at work

As Joe is fond of saying, “Every classical artist has always used the full range of tools available to them. If Michelangelo were alive today, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t be using the most advanced tools in existence.” While certainly not meaning to compare himself to Michelangelo, he nevertheless feels very fortunate to be part of the forefront of exciting developments in the sculptural world which combine the lessons of many generations of carvers with cutting edge 21st century technologies.

The result of this is that carved artworks and architectural pieces that were formerly out of the range of all but the most lavish budgets are now becoming accessible. Joe Valasek hopes that Heartwood Carving’s carved doors, murals and accent carvings will add delight, charm and value to your home or business for many years.

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