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Meet Your Maker Interview with Jenny Gray

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Jenny Gray is an oil painter that has sold work at a couple Meet Your Maker shows. You can find her online here.

Jenny writes about her work:

I often abstract known subjects such as landscapes, machinery and graphic images and explore ideas and emotions with paint rather than rendering subjects. I start with a sketch of something but the painting quickly becomes about paint, freedom, line, composition and layers. Layers are very important to my work, I often paint or draw things I know will get covered later, I like the tension of knowing something is underneath but you can’t know it fully. The viewer brings their own story to a painting they can make their own guesses or bring their own meanings to what is under layers of paint. My paintings are about being human, expressed through the paint, they are also about the paint itself; rough, fast, busy, quiet, thoughtful, hidden or in your face. Paint is freedom and humanity to me.

When working on a piece I am always changing it, and putting on paint, taking off paint, I have to keep giving myself challenges and problems to solve. The problems can be a strange color or a composition that does not seems to work at first, then she works and re-works. I am fascinated with composition, line and color because they can express so much, I am always refining, changing and creating as I work my way through a piece.

Interview with Meet Your Maker:

Meet Your Maker (MYM): Describe what you make, how, and when you got your start.
Jenny Gray (JG): I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years but have always done “personal” work on the side. About 12 years ago I started to paint seriously, about 8 years ago I started showing my work.

MYM: Is this your largest source of income or do you have another job?:
JG: Making art does not pay the bills. I still work as a graphic designer.

MYM: What are your favorite hobbies outside of the crafting that we see?
JG: My animals. I have chickens, goats, a dog who I love and a rooster who I hate.

MYM: Have you had any big breaks? How did they happen?
JG: My big break was when Opis6ix opened in Eugene and gave me my first solo show. I am very excited to have my work at the new Opus7 opening soon.

Reposted 22 Aug 2010 with permission.  Original article here.